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Brazil Nuts - Raw Whole

1.0 lb

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Brazil Nuts Raw Whole Unsalted No Shell

Brazil Nuts: Discover the exceptional quality of Beyond the Shell's Whole Raw Brazil Nuts (No Shell) and redefine your snacking experience.

Brazil Nuts: These whole, unroasted nuts offer a nutritional powerhouse, providing a wealth of benefits that set them apart from roasted alternatives. With lower calories than their roasted counterparts,

our Kosher Raw Brazil nuts are an excellent choice for those mindful of their calorie intake.

Packed with natural goodness, they are rich in selenium, supporting your immune system and overall well-being.


Uncover the raw Brazil nuts nutrition profile and unlock the potential of these nuts as a wholesome snack. Whether you're comparing raw Brazil nuts vs roasted or considering the raw Brazil nuts benefits, our product stands out as a premium choice. Elevate your snacking routine with these nuts, carefully sourced for quality and freshness. Indulge in the simplicity of whole, raw Brazil nuts and experience the versatility they bring to your culinary creations.

Wondering about the raw Brazil nuts selenium content?

You'll be pleased to know that they are one of the richest sources of selenium, an important mineral with numerous health benefits. But you might be wondering, 

"How many Brazil nuts per day should I consume?" 

Well, the answer may surprise you. Just a few of these nutrient-dense nuts can provide you with your  daily selenium needs. 

 Beyond the Shell Nuts offers you the best nuts for making chocolate Brazil nuts, ensuring a delightful, vegan-friendly treat that merges indulgence with nutrition.

Don't miss out on this incredible snacking sensation – order your Raw Brazil Nuts today and savor the wholesome goodness!

Brazil Nuts Unsalted | Beyond The Shell Nuts Store

From sourcing to packaging, we take pride in delivering the freshest and most delicious product possible.

Treat yourself to the best - try Beyond the Shell Nuts today!